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Advanced MicroSystems


Distance Measuring Instruments provide fast, safe and accurate measurements from inside a moving vehicle.

Mission Statement

Since 1982 “Advanced MicroSystems” decided to provide the customer with an exceptional instrument, built to stand the abuse of time and be able to meet the demands of the future in distance measuring instruments. We know from your comments that this goal has been achieved. Our measuring instruments are still built by hand in Uniontown Pennsylvania. We use only high quality parts to build the finest and durable instruments. Our commitment to the future is to continue to build the best.

Measures distance accurate to within 1 foot per mile.


Additional Uses

  • Highway Surveys
  • Measuring School Delay Routes
  • Police Investigations
  • RE-addressing for emergency 911
  • Time Speed Delay Studies

Handcrafting High Quality
Measuring Instruments Since 1982

DMI Vehicle Distance Measuring

AMS DMI is designed to accurately record distances and survey coordinates as you drive. The device records distance for logging points along a given route and records linear distances with a high degree of accuracy. It is easy to use and displays measurements right in your vehicle.

Microline 1000

The economical Advanced MicroSystems, LLC 1000 series Distance Measuring Instruments provide a basic, accurate roadway measurement in feet, kilometers, and miles at the touch of a button. Capabilities included bidirectional counting, the pre distance function, count hold and display hold. The 1000 series also keeps track of elapsed time and speed, thus facilitating time-speed-delay studies. The EEPROM memory will retain the calibration number of 6 different vehicles for up to 100 years. The buttons are individually sealed switches that have a “click” feel as well as a tone feedback. No other DMI has a larger or brighter display for ease of viewing day or night, from any angle. The 1000 series as well as all instruments from AMS, LLC., are built with the quality and reliability to provide years of trouble-free service. Learn more

Microline 2000


The powerful Advanced MicroSystems, LLC., 2000 series Distanced Measuring Instruments not only provide you with the basic roadway measuring abilities but support more demanding requirements such as mapping and inventory work. The 2000 series has the available options that allow you to interface the DMI to any laptop or PC computer to download the information store in large 1000 event memory. These events can be easily coded from 0-99 for identification. The 2000 series comes with parallel printer interface and the Microline is the only slim case DMI with both serial and parallel interfaces. The available data printer gives you a hard-copy output of the data on-the-spot. For your more demanding requirements with ease of operation, choose the accurate, reliable DMI on the market today, the Advanced MicroSystems, LLC. Model 2000. Learn more

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